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I have done 2 years of Pilates.  I was unable to carry out my usual exercise due to RA.

After 2 terms I exceeded my initial goals and now attend 3 classes per week.

My improvement is ongoing in terms of muscle tone, fitness, weight loss, psychological well-being.  I have dropped 2 sizes in clothes!

As a GP I now recommend Pilates to my patients.

Pilates at Roundhill is well taught in small classes by excellent teachers.

Small classes allow personal attention which is beneficial to clients with specific health issues.


Fiona Dickson GP


I have had two back operations, 1995 and 2004, and I have always found it hard to find a form of exercise I could
undertake with confidence. Visited Roundhill in 2011 for some physio, and I realised that it was very necessary for me to strengthen my inner core muscles.  I discussed this with Lisa and advised her that I was not the sort of person who
would be able to sit/lay on floor in a group to do this. Lisa explained that we could have a one-to-one plan using the Pilates exercise machines. WOW what a difference this has made, I feel so much stronger and my inner core muscles are
developing. Still some way to go, but the aim is for me to be able to join in the group sessions in due course.

Must also mention Lisa and and Sue's wonderful senses of humour, thank you both
for keeping me motivated and for laughing with me.


Rose King



I have been going to Roundhill for more than 5 years, and have found the  1 to 1 Pilates sessions with Lisa  invaluable for improving my strength and flexibility for  both my skiing and tennis.


Hugh Cookson

Our daughter suffers from dyspraxia, a disability of movement, co-ordination, fine and gross motor skills, perception, balance and spatial awareness in people of average intelligence.  This has made many activities which we all take for granted in everyday life very difficult for her.


About five years ago we were fortunate to be introduced to Lisa Fitz-Gerald at the Roundhill Centre by a lady who is herself a retired physiotherapist.  Since then Lisa has worked regularly with Kate with great patience, kindness and humour using a combination of physiotherapy and Pilates.


Our daughter has benefited enormously from Lisa's approach in all areas of her difficulties.  The improvement to her balance, spatial awareness, muscle tone and core strenghth are very apparent in her improved posture and general movement.  Her fine motor control, wrist and hand strength and funcionality are so improved that, for example, her writing is neater and legible and she can now cut up her own fooe which she had been unable to do and which was very embarrassing for her.


Kate sees Lisa as a friend and looks forward to her weekly sessions which, while she finds them challenging, she enjoys.


Kathie and Jim Garstang

I attended the Roundhill Pilates & Physiotherapy Centre to receive treatment for a back injury caused by a motoring accident.  After the first treatment with Lisa, my back was allowing more movement and less painful.  I carried out a range of exercises recommended by Lisa at home and after several more sessions of physiotherapy which included acupuncture my back is now far more flexible and the pain has gone.  I would thoroughly recommend the centre and the treatment provided to anyone who has limited back movement and would like to improve their quality of life.


Aubrey Copp

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