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Hazel has been teaching within the fitness industry for over 20 years, originally as a freelance aerobics Instructor teaching a wide variety of classes including bodypump, bodybalance, step, spinning and a range of body conditioning classes. She first took an interest in Pilates after an injury incurred whilst teaching a high impact aerobics class. Hazel fell in love with Pilates and the whole concept of it. Her interest in Pilates grew and still continues to do so. She is a qualified Body Control Pilates teacher.


Hazel took a further interest in rehabilitation and wanted to help people with specific problems and
injuries. She was fortunate to be offered work in a rehabilitation clinic where she had the opportunity to work with neck and back patients and sports related injuries, all of which worked so well together with her previous training and Pilates teaching.
Hazel believes Pilates is a great form of exercise for everybody, seeing the benefits in individuals from seniors to sportspeople to anti/postnatal woman to rehabilitation.


Helen qualified as a level 3 Pilates teacher in 2011 having been inspired to train after finding how much she used it to help her pupils in her work as a riding and dressage instructor. She continues to help many riders both on and off the horse and in her classes aims to pass on her knowledge and passion to help and teach people, from all walks of life, the many benefits to health and general well being. Helen is now fully qulified on reformer, tower, chair and barrels.




Maxine qualified with the Body Control Pilates Association in 2001 and teaches both mat work classes and Reformer (Pilates machine). She has her own small studio near Ringwood. She has been teaching the Alexander Technique for 20 years and loves how the two techniques complement each other. In 2011, Maxine went on to further develop her skills to become a Back4Good Practitioner and Specialist Instructor in Exercise for the Management of Low Pain. (Register of Exercise Professionals, Level 4).

Maxine is keen to help people to learn how to move correctly in class and to take this into everyday activities. "I am still amazed at how much people can change with a bit of effort and commitment, whatever their age.


Stuart Ward


Stuart entered into the fitness industry after graduating with a B.A in Sports studies in 2002.

He now works as a fitness and nutrition coach using his own unique system called Kinect Method.  The core philosophy behind this being the connection of mind, exercise and food.

While working alongside a Pilates Instructor he spotted its potential to fast track his own clients in their wellbeing.  After completing his training in 2008 and qualifying with Future Fit he has been teaching mat classes on a 1:1 basis ever since.  He now offers classes at Roundhill.

"Over the years I've seen many people trying to improve their health by punishing their bodies with grueling and ineffective exercise routines.  Pilates brings the sanity back into health and fitness.  I am fortunate to have had the chance to introduce a large number of people to Pilates.  Time and time again they improve their posture, body awareness, control, strength and quality of life with some simple but precise exercise".

Stuart's other passion lies in China's traditional martial art and health system Tai Chi.  He was introduced to it in 2004 while studying with Kung Fu master Steve Cox.  Stuart now specialises in Chen style Tai Chi and continues his study with lineage holders Paul Lockyer and Grandmaster Gou.






Lisa Newman


Lisa Newman is a qualified Body Control Teacher. Lisa is originally from South Africa and has been practising Pilates since 2003. Her interest began when she started using Pilates to help with her neck and back injuries resulting from years of competitive show jumping. After completing her MSc at Bournemouth University, Lisa qualified as an instructor in 2010 and hasn’t looked back!

Since 2010 Lisa has lived and taught in different countries around the world, adding to her knowledge and teaching to a wide range of people often to help with injuries from a variety of extreme sports to those that just want to maintain a level of mobility. Now living in Verwood, Dorset, with her family, Lisa teaches in the surrounding Dorset & Hampshire area. 

Lisa’s main focus is to help clients improve their body awareness, strengthen their muscles and optimise movement efficiency, thereby reducing the risk of recurrent injuries and enhancing performance; and above all have fun and relax! Lisa has a true passion for Pilates and its benefits and hopes to share this with her clients.




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