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Hazel has been teaching within the fitness industry for over 20 years, originally as a freelance aerobics Instructor teaching a wide variety of classes including bodypump, bodybalance, step, spinning and a range of body conditioning classes. She first took an interest in Pilates after an injury incurred whilst teaching a high impact aerobics class. Hazel fell in love with Pilates and the whole concept of it. Her interest in Pilates grew and still continues to do so. She is a qualified Body Control Pilates teacher.


Hazel took a further interest in rehabilitation and wanted to help people with specific problems and
injuries. She was fortunate to be offered work in a rehabilitation clinic where she had the opportunity to work with neck and back patients and sports related injuries, all of which worked so well together with her previous training and Pilates teaching.
Hazel believes Pilates is a great form of exercise for everybody, seeing the benefits in individuals from seniors to sportspeople to anti/postnatal woman to rehabilitation.


Helen qualified as a level 3 Pilates teacher in 2011 having been inspired to train after finding how much she used it to help her pupils in her work as a riding and dressage instructor. She continues to help many riders both on and off the horse and in her classes aims to pass on her knowledge and passion to help and teach people, from all walks of life, the many benefits to health and general well being. Helen is now fully qulified on reformer, tower, chair and barrels.


Sarah Burgin


Sarah has spent many years working in the care sector with older and less able people. A back injury sustained at work provoked a move into supporting young adults with challenging behaviour, until she had her daughters in 2008 and 2012. Having struggled with recurring back issues throughout this period, Sarah tried Pilates and soon realised that it was an affective way to overcome back problems in addition to its many other benefits. 

Sarah was so inspired by her teacher, Stuart Ward of Rounhill and the deepening sense of mind-body connection that comes from Pilates practise, that she decided to take the leap and embark upon the Matwork teacher-training at Bodywise in 2016. After qualifying in 2017 she joined the Rounhill teaching team. Sarah has also been inspired by the work of Ruthy Alon and trained in  2018-19 as a Movement Intellligence Practitioner.Sarah aims to make each lesson informative, meditative and fun! She hopes to help clients deepen their own sense of mind-body connection and to let go of the stresses of modern life, with the aim that a little of each session travels on with the client in their daily lives.




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