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Roundhill Pilates & Physiotherapy Centre

Where to find us:

Roundhill Pilates & Physiotherapy Centre Roundhill

Fordingbridge SP6 1AQ

Phyisio Phone: 07771 904 095 



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Physiotherapy Sessions and Pilates Classes running daytimes and evenings get in touch to find a time that suits you!

Roundhill Pilates & Physiotherapy Centre


**New Clients for 2022 First Class Free** 

Roundhill Centre Timetable



Studio classes £12 per session

Zoom classes £9 per session




Mon Zoom Classes:                9.00am     Lisa    

                                                10.10am     Lisa

Mon Studio Classes:               9.00am     2022        New Class Beginers/Intermediate 

                                                 10.10am    2022        New Class Beginers/Intermediate     

Mon Eve Zoom or Studio:      6.15pm     Stewart    


Tue Zoom or Studio:               9.00am      Lisa

                                                10.10am      Lisa


Tue Eve Zoom or Studio:         6.30pm    Stewart


Wed Studio                                9.00am     Pennie    New Class Jan 2022                              

                                                   10.10am    Pennie   New class Beginers/Intermediate


Wed Zoom or Studio:                     2.00pm     Sarah      Chair


                                                     5.45pm     Sarah

                                                    7.00pm     Sarah



Thur Studio Classes:               8.00am      Hazel   

                                                   9.15am      Hazel   

                                                  10.30am     Hazel  

Thur Studio YOGA                    3.45pm     Nette       Experienced

                                                    5.00pm     Nette       Beginers

Thur Eve Zoom or Studio        6.15pm      Helen (currently on hold)          

                                                   7.30pm      Helen (currently Zoom only)         



Fri Zoom or Studio:                   9.00am      Lisa

                                                  10.10am      Lisa 

                                                   11.30am     Sarah           Beginers


Sat Zoom or Studio:                9.00am      Sarah            

Sat Studio Classes                 10.15am     Sarah            Gentle Pilates

Sat Studio Classes                 11.30am     Sarah             Youth Pilates


1:1 Sessions on equipment or Matt available please contact teacher for pricing or booking

(Please log your interest if you are interested in joining any of the on hold classes)




Please contact a teacher directly for class places or the centre  

Lisa:  Tel 07771 904 095  email:


Hazel : Tel  07890 314822  email:

Helen: Tel  07778 144585  email:

Sarah : Tel  01425 839774  email:  

Stewart:  Tel  07920 091321  email:


Pennie: Tel 07803 721585   email:


Nette: Tel 07803 199005  email:


Lisa:  Tel 07771 904 095  email:



                     Wellbeing at Roundhill      

          Click on the 'Wellbeing at Roundhill' page to see whats new at the Centre

   We are delighted to inform you that we are now offering more choices and new things at the centre                      for your 'Wellbeing'  If you want to enrich your lifestyle, check out our new inspiring sessions that are                             taking place at the centre.  Under our new partners 'Wellbeing at Roundhill'

YOGA with Nette is back !!

Nette will be running  2 YOGA classes from the centre on Thursdays. We are so pleased to have her back running live sessions from the studio as she is a popular experienced instructor.

3.45pm for expereinced and a new

5.00pm for beginers  

Please contact Nette directly for more information or to book your place


Tel: 07803 199005


Seated Pilates 

Regular Classes Wed 2pm -3pm     "A surprisingly good work out with stretching and strengthening"

This class is suitable for those who have been unwell, more elderly and for those who want to lose weight and re-gain movement. Stretching and strengthening that will be physically and mentally beneficial.


New 2022 Classes  Beg/Intermediates With Pennie :)


New classes starting 2022 On Monday and Wednesday mornings live in the studio ! Contact Pennie or the centre to book your place :) New clients first session free !!

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