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Roundhill Pilates & Physiotherapy Centre

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Physiotherapy Sessions and Pilates Classes running daytimes and evenings get in touch to find a time that suits you!

Roundhill Pilates & Physiotherapy Centre


Coronovirus Physio and Classes

Plans are in place to re-open the centre in September at the moment  we are offering online Zoom Pilates Classes which are great fun why not give it a try !

Private' Zoom meeting' Physiotherapy sessions can be booked Initial Assesment is for 45 mins - £30 follow up sessions for 30 mins - £20 

To book physiotherapy please contact Lisa on her email: 



For more infomation on coronavirus please got to :


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Roundhill Centre new Timetable for Sept 2020


Mon Zoom Classes:                9am          Lisa    No Spaces

                                                10.10am     Lisa    No Spaces


Mon Studio Classes:              6.15pm     Stewart    Spaces




Tue Studio Classes:                9am          Lisa         No Spaces

                                                  10.15am   Lisa         No Spaces

                                                  6.30pm    Stewart          Spaces



Wed Zoom or Studio:              9am               Stewart         Spaces      studio or Zoom

                                                  10.15am        Stewart         Spaces      studio or Zoom

                                                  2pm Chair     Sarah                 Zoom or Studio

                                                  6.30pm          Sarah            Spaces       Zoom



Thur Studio Classes:               8.00am      Hazel          Spaces   Studio

                                                   9.15am      Hazel          Spaces   Studio

                                                  10.45am     Hazel    No Spaces   Studio

                                                   6.15pm      Helen         Spaces   Studio or Zoom  

                                                   7.30pm      Helen         Spaces   Studio or Zoom



Fri Studio Classes:                  9am           Lisa             Spaces     Studio

                                                  10.15am     Lisa             Spaces     Studio                                                                                      11.30am   Sarah            Spaces     Studio or Zoom


Sat Zoom Classes:                  9am           Sarah            Spaces     Zoom

Sat Studio Classes                 10.15am     Sarah            Spaces    Studio




Seated Pilates 

Regular Classes Wed 2pm -3pm     "A surprisingly good work out with stretching and strengthening"

This class is suitable for those who have been unwell, more elderly and for those who want to lose weight and re-gain movement. Stretching and strengthening that will be physically and mentally beneficial.

'My Kind of Yoga' With Nette Dalton

Flow ,Flex & Strengthen !

We are excited to welcome Nette to Roundhill Centre recent trial sessions have been a great success and we think her sessions compliment our existing Pilates classes perfectly. My Kind of Yoga flows and moves freely helping to stregthen and engage our bodies into better flexibility balance and strength. 

Studio Classes are currently closed but if you are interested in YOGA contact nette directly via email: 

Beginners Tue and Wed Eve Zoom online Pilates 

Tue Eve - 6.00pm with Stewart or Wed Eve - 6.30pm with Sarah !

Stewart joined us in 2019 and is re-starting Tue eve 6.00pm class ideal for beginers via zoom contact him directly via email :

Wed Eve Beginners sessions'at  6.00pm with Sarah    

 Contact email: 

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